Exfoliating 101

26 Nov

Exfoliating is one of the best ways to promote healthy, glowing skin.

As you exfoliate you are gently removing layers of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are what cause your skin to have a dull complexion. Exfoliating also decreases blackheads, minimizes hyperpigmentation and helps with skin hydration. 

What you’ll Need

  • Exfoliating cleanser
  • loofah or exfoliating gloves
  • moisturizer

How to properly use your exfoliant

  1. Personally I prefer exfoliating gloves. I get mines from target. While the skin is dry gently brush the skin from the feet on up in a circular motion. This removes loose skin and preps the skin for the exfoliating process.
  2. Wet you body in the shower from head to toe. (Now if you’re just doing your feet you can complete this process in your foot basin. This is also a great treat to give someone else…HINT, HINT)
  3. Apply the exfoliating cleanser to your body from the feet up in a circular motion.
  4. Be very gentle on your face and insure that you are using an exfoliant gentle enough for your face. Avoid the eye area.
  5. Remember your hands! (they need love too)
  6. Rinse off with lukewarm water
  7. Next (I know some are gonna look sideways at this one) With the coldest water you can stand do a rinse and then apply your shower gel. The cold water works to seal in the moisture.
  8. Exfoliation is drying so you must follow up with a moisturizer. Moisturizing should be done within 3 MINUTES after you get out the shower. After than time frame your pores are closed and the moisturizer only stays on the surface. This is why many people have that mid-day ashy look…not cute.  

Just a little extra

Don’t scrub your skin off!! Exfoliating should be applied in a  gentle, circular massage motion with VERY light pressure. Your may think “well I haven’t done this for years so I need to scrub harder”. No. You can only take off but so many layers of dead skin at a time. You don’t want to break you skin in the process. Too much pressure will cause redness, irritation and flaky skin. 

Shaving your legs and underarms are a form of exfoliating however using a gentle scrub prior to shaving preps the skin area and results in a cleaner, closer shave (Just ask my husband. His bald head is supremely moisturized!). The essential oils in the exfoliant will continue to soften your legs and underarms after each use (you’ll seriously be rubbing your legs all day, they feel so good!)

Stick to exfoliants with natural ingredients and essential oils. My line of products “Not Guilty” are all natural and include carefully selected essential oils.

So now you have your instructions. Go Forward; silky smooth and hydrated!



Making the switch to natural deodorant

25 Nov

Ok, here we go! I’ll get right to it because if you’re reading this you really just want to know what to do/expect when transitioning to natural deodorant.

All Natural Deodorant. Made by Yours Truly.

All Natural Deodorant. Made by Yours Truly.

(I am NOT a physician,I’m a Social Worker. This advise is based on personal experience and research. You should consult your physician in regard to any body lifestyle changes. AKA…DON’T COME FOR ME.)

How to prep:

  1. First off, we’re entering Winter so this is the BEST time to transition. Why? because you’ll be perspiring less. Get use to it now and by summer, you’ll be good to go!!!
  2. Get yourself a loofah or ALL NATURAL exfoliant (i sell those also) and exfoliate your underarms before each shower
  3. Always exfoliate before you shave (shave often. hair holds bacteria and you don’t need any extra during this transitional period.)
  4. Get an ALL NATURAL soap for cleansing your underarms (I recommend Dr. Bronners or Shea Moisture)
  5. Use an ALL NATURAL toner post shaving (i actually use after each shower…remember your underarm is  a sensitive skin area it needs care too)
  6. After you shave wait AT LEAST an hour before you put on deodorant. Remember the skin was just broken give it a minute to heal (you can use toner prior to an hour). I normally use toner, do my hair, makeup, iron, do as much as I can so that hour (i try) goes by quickly.
  7. Watch what you eat. Tons of grease…red meat will cause increased odors. (what you put in will come out)
  8. If you can (i recommend) bring a moist cloth or baby wipe to freshen up mid-day. I repeat, the FIRST TWO WEEKS are going to be trying. Prepare yourself properly. After the two week (detox) you should be fine to go throughout the day with just a morning application.

What to expect:

  1. The first two weeks will be trying!!! They’ll be some burning, they’ll be some discoloration, they’ll be some B-O…yes, body odor. But don’t fear it’s just your body cleansing itself of toxins and chemicals that you’ve been using in past antiperspirants. (That’s why the winter months are better to transition)
  2. It may burn a bit but it should not scorch. You need only a pea size under each arm. A little goes far.
  3. YOU ARE GOING TO SWEAT. The body was made to do that. It’s natural and expected. (the craziest part for me is sweating but not being stink, it’s still weird sometimes). Be careful with clothing. Natural fibers work best. If you’re going to do a presentation, don’t wear silk, please.
  4. One 4oz bottle of my (Not Guilty deodorant) should last you around 1 1/2 to 2 months…yes, a little goes far.
  5. A cool home or winter temperatures will keep the D-O (deodorant) solid. Warm months or a warm home will cause it to liquefy. I use mine in both as a solid or liquid, works just the same. If you want to refrigerate you can. I keep mine’s in the bathroom.

Be committed

Don’t flip flop. Once you start the journey (and pass the first two weeks) stay with it. I stress using all natural products under the arm because after you shave your pores are open be careful what enters your body).

Please feel free to ask questions.

Enjoy your journey.

Stuffed Acorn Squash

10 Jul

1 acorn squash
sea salt
brown sugar/honey
black pepper
1 fat onion
minced garlic
crushed red pepper
(your preferred vegetable seasoning)



• preheat oven to 400°
• cut your squash lengthwise from stem to bottom
• scrape out the seeds and mushy stuff
• score the inside of both halves (always do the same to both)
• coat the insides with butter
• sprinkle brown sugar/honey
• sprinkle sea salt
• place in oven pan with 1/4 water in the pan so squash bottom won’t burn
• cook for 1 hr 15 min


Kale & Okra

• start with a great base
• add butter and minced garlic to your skillet
• throw in chopped onion and saute
• add okra and saute until most of the slime is removed


• season w/ sea salt, crushed red pepper and ground black pepper
• add kale


• season to taste remember kale is dense so not too much salt. the base is good and flavorful already.
• last scoop out and top the squash


BBQ on the 4th

5 Jul

So I had to find a way to put something on the grill for me too.

First I started with
Gilled Eggplant :

cut the ends
strip the eggplant
cut thick diagonal pieces
soak in salt water 20 min. (dissolve Tbsp salt in warm water, then add cold)
dry eggplant

grab some: EVOO (I use grapeseed oil), sea salt, I also used steak seasoning,


lightly brush one side with EVOO, sprinkled salt and optional seasoning


grill this side face down for 5 min. with some nice grill marks…I mean it is a bbq!, flip, and do the same to the other side.

Sweet Potato Waffle

grab: sweet potato, egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla

grate sweet potato


then add to a bowl, saturate with egg whites (not too watery or it’ll spill out your waffle maker…TRUST ME), add cinnamon and vanilla to taste. spoon in to waffle maker.


and enjoy!


Spaghetti Salad

14 Jun



Salmon w/ Pickled Peaches

14 Jun

My staples:


Easy recipe.

End result:


Simple and delish!

Meatless Meatballs

2 May

Ok this recipe was so freaking tasty!! I have to toot my horn, *toot toot*.

Grab Some:
instant oats
2 medium carrots
1 jumbo onion
couple pieces of garlic
brown sugar
onion soup mix
panko crumbs
breads crumbs
sweet chili sauce

1. puree the onion, carrots & garlic


2. combine all ingredients


3. ball ’em up


4. roll in panko mixed with bread crumbs



5. deep fry in EVOO
6. pair with a side



Thanks to Mrs. Jones for your late night advice!

veggie quesadillas

1 May

This recipe is mucho simple:

grab some:
shredded Mexican cheese
black beans
Mexican corn
seasoning (for black beans and corn)
red peppers

1. layer tortilla with Mexican shredded cheese


2. add seasoned black beans mixed with Mexican corn (make sure black beans are drained and washed initially)


3. add sauteed onions and peppers


4. top with shredded Mexican cheese


5. layer with tortilla


6. bake on 475° for approx 7 min in a preheated oven garnish with (sweet onion) salsa and guacamole


Sauteed Spinach w/ Cranberries

24 Apr

This goes out to my makeup diva!!
i’m focusing on the sauteed spinach in this pictured meal.


• bag of fresh spinach (this is gonna shrink. may only serve 2)
• raisins or craisins
• vegetable broth
• Goya seasoning
• smart balance (SB)
• minced garlic (optional)

add SB to skillet. add minced garlic (optional) go easy on the garlic. add spinach and Goya. stir until tender. add vegetable broth (just a tad) and raisins/craisins. simmer on low heat until raisins/craisins are tender.


Breakfast for Dinner

24 Apr

My family has a tradition of having breakfast for dinner. it all began about 4 years ago for my mom’s birthday (aka Christmas). This is what we had at my house last Friday night… 1. French toast with glazed bananas 2. veggie sausage with onions and peppers 3. cantaloupe and strawberries French Toast: • Ezekiel bread (cinnamon raisin) • eggs (i used egg substitute) • vanilla • nutmeg • almond milk • cinnamon • brown sugar combine all ingredients, to taste, (except bread 🙂 in a mixing bowl and whisk. go easy on nutmeg, you know it dominates. cut bread diagonally. heat smart balance in skillet. soak slices in mixture about 2-3 min each. add to skillet and flip when brown. place all in warm oven while bananas are prepared.


in same skillet add Tbsp brown sugar and Tbsp smart balance. once saucy add sliced bananas until glazed. add to French toast.


sausage and onions with peppers: • veggie sausage • onions • red peppers saute onions and peppers add sausage. season to taste. final result…